sebastien THOMAS

Québec, QC, Canada

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Working mainly as UNIX System engineer, have always be involved in video.
I worked with HD-Systems as a digital "on set" engineer and camera assistant. I have a strong knowledge on video signals, from camera setting to post-production.

I used to have a Sony PWM-EX1 with everything needed for shooting, like 35mm adapter with Nikon prime lenses and a 6" SmallHD DP6 monitor. It was broken by a stupid DP playing with it in the night in a dangerous place. Too bad he wasn't hurt a little bit more than he was !!

I now use a Nikon D800 for photography and video shooting. All my old equipment is used as with the EX1 and I added an external recorder (HyperDeck Shuttle Pro 2 with SSD drives) to record uncompressed (or ProRes) 422 footages.

I also have good knowledge on FinalCut suite and Adobe products, as well as 3D software, mainly Cinema4D. I have a Mac (two, in fact :))

Contact me if in need of help.

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