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A passion for innovation and exceptional pictures – that’s the maxim of P+S TECHNIK, the Munich-based manufacturer of top end professional film equipment.

In 1999, P+S TECHNIK began developing and manufacturing products for the field of digital cinematography, later starting to produce digital film cameras in 2006. The latest flagship product is the digital motion-effects camera PS-Cam X35. Specialized camera accessories, developed together cameramen, always were and are a part of P+S Technik product range. Together with 3D pioneers, P+S TECHNIK has become a technology leader in designing and manufacturing professional stereo 3D rigs.

Since its founding in 1990, P+S TECHNIK has blazed new trails in camera manufacturing, emphasizing technological precision and successfully making the best technologies even better. That way, pictures become more ambitious, more unique and more thrilling: everyday images turn into exceptional pictures.

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