Publicly Defended

East Lansing, MI

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The year is 1985, Eddie Joe Lloyd is led out of a Wayne County courtroom in shackles sentenced to life in prison for the rape and murder of 16 year old Michelle Jackson.

Eddie Joe Lloyd did not commit the crime though. The only crime Mr. Lloyd is guilty of is not being able to afford adequate defense and being assigned an underpaid and overworked public defender.

Publicly Defended takes you to the heart of the matter. From the people who protect the innocent to those trying to create change this film compels every Michigan resident to demand reform. It is a chilling and heart breaking look at what happens when money and politics in the Michigan justice system become more important than the lives it seeks to protect.

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Executive Producer: Nicholas Baker
Co-Executive Producer: Stephanie Sparks
Associate Producer: Gary Cox
Co-Associate Producer: Jacob Fields
Crew: Sean Bowman, Pat Ronnan, Alex Witte

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