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Hi. This is Public School Records. Good music made by good folks. Wholesome. Milky. Hip hop. Rock. Pop. From Tascam 4-tracks to handheld tape recorders to professional studios . . Guitars, MPCs, keyboards, microphones, effects, drums, drum machines . . made in bedrooms, recording studios, hotel rooms . . . made by people from Oakland to Columbus, from Iowa to NYC . . music made by people who had to do it . . . honest . . compelled . . rejoicing . . dealing with pain . . getting wasted . . having fun . . trying to love . . . This is a place for the dissemination and celebration of the documentation of some great and/or horrible times that were had by a small handful of Americans through music and art. Have fun and get happy. That’s what we’re all trying to do.


  1. Cody Hennesy
  2. Stefanie Toftey
  3. Kent Lambert
  4. Geoff Boothby
  5. This Happened