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Andrés Roccatagliata is a young visual anthropologist who was born in Santiago, Chile and raised in Patagonia. In 2008 he completed a BA in anthropology at Southern University of Chile and continued to study documentary film in Cuba and Spain.
In 2005 Andres set up his own non profit independent production company, Unfulgor, dedicated to making ethnographic films, which seek primarily to rescue the oral history of ordinary people whose story often remains unaccounted for in the official History.

His first ethographic film, "Listen to the Voice of Those who can not Speak", allows indigenous people in the south of Chile to express their experiences which would otherwise remain unaccounted for.

Since 2005 Andres has created a range of vivid and personal documentaries which engage their audiences in the raw experience of human life, raising issues about identity and human rights. Using a very simple cinematographic language his documentaries have been shown in different film festivals: Úrban TV International Film Festival (Spain), Valdivia International Film Festival (Chile), Notodofilms Festival (Spain) and other projections in Chile, Brasil, India, Spain, U.K, and other places around the World.

Currently living in London, Andres is working on developing several new documentary projects.

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