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Pulse Studios is the collective vision of Tara Wilson, Gill Co, Peter Strickland, and Vince Truong.
Pulse is designed to represent Hip Hop culture in all its forms past and present. We seek to express Hip Hop in many different ways including fashion, design , dance, music, art and community.
The focus of the dance studio is to promote and educate dancers about the history and techniques of all the dance forms associated with Hip Hop.
Whether you are learning choreography or developing your freestyle, Pulse studios has something to offer you. We intend to serve the dance community as a place where you can be assured to receive the highest quality of instruction from artists who are constantly honing their craft and are the top Hip Hop dancers in the city. We seek to provide a venue for dancers to develop and to create a space where Hip Hop can grow in this city. We are active on a local level and we are involved in passing on the living history of Hip Hop through the pioneers of many of these dances.

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