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After 10 successful years, Punga Visual Consorcio's project has come to an end.
Since August 2003 until November 2013, we've been lucky to create amazing products for clients and friends: from rock bands to microprocessors! During that journey, full of adventures and learning, we developed a name that has come to be well known all over the world of design and animation. It's been an honor to create a company that has always been associated with innovation, creativity and humor. Punga formed generations of animators, designers and art directors; gained international name recognition; won several awards and gave us a lot of satisfactions. We feel we can no longer ask for more, which is why we've decided to give it a break... indefinitely. We'll go on creating, producing and challenging the creative boundaries (the timing, the budgets and so on!) from different places: always with the same passion, the same spirit and the same acknowledgment for all our collaborators, clients and friends who have supported us in this beautiful project that Punga Visual Consorcio has come to be.
PS: You can get in touch with us using these two addresses: pato@punga.tv / tomi@punga.tv

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