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David is an actor, writer and producer in Los Angeles. He's the founder of Punisher77, editor-in-chief of the eclectic online magazine Clark Schpiell Productions, co-author of the 2005 book We and GWB: Notes from the First Four Years, and a founding producer of the acclaimed Lucid by Proxy theater company. His acting has been called "committed," "detailed," "fearless," "hilarious" and "heart-rending" by the LA Times and Backstage West. His writing has been called "articulate and commanding" and "eminently readable" by Flak Magazine. His tenth grade Geometry teacher said he "does not work well in groups." David was nominated for "Best Actor" in the 2008 SoCal Independent Film Fest for his work in I Saved the World from Global Warming. He lives in a little bungalow in the Valley with two fluffy cats. His first D&D character ever was Lexall Flaggstaeff, an exiled Drow Fighter/Mage/Thief, who died valiantly in the fight against The Queen of the Spiders (G1-3, D1-3, Q1).

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