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The Punkt. philosophy

Punkt.'s (punktgroup.com) core values are function, design and simplicity. People's lives are getting more and more complicated with advanced technologies and multi-functional devices. Punkt. sets out to make life simpler, going back to the origins of consumer electronics. We create dedicated devices.'

Punkt. products are built to last. Punkt. combines its essential designs with materials of enduring quality, to create satisfyingly solid, reassuringly robust consumer goods. An antidote to today's throw-away culture.

Punkt.'s approach is a boldly innovative one: as companies add increasing numbers of features to their products, we went back to basics. What do people really need? Products built to do a job, and do that job well.

Punkt. is an international company with a global outlook. Our products are successful across the planet, a tribute to their pleasing simplicity and outstanding design.

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