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Let's see, I am a Christian and like family friendly video's and content on my channel. My husband is a minister, engineer and a musician among many hats he wears. We have been married about 36 yrs and not only to I adore him, he is my hero..and no we are not perfect, but like the song goes...'love will keep us together'. In our case, it's the love for God and for each other, working it out day by day. We have two children (young men now) and grandchildren. I have been on Youtube for a long time known as Pureheart or pureheart2heart. Oh, we have a dog named Baxter whom we get a kick out of...a sweet shelter dog who is 7 yrs old (47yrs people age) at the writing of this. I have just started making video's about a year ago and learning to edit etc. I did vlog some but those video's were edited by my husband. So...let's see how this goes? :)

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