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Petar Savic aka PureSoul is Producer, Musician, and Visual Artist.

Specific PureSoul's sound and visual identity came up after a decade of touring, making movies and music releases, as Sound Engineer, Co-Producer, Remixer, Guitar and Keyboard Player.

PureSoul mapping visuals covered the video beams and projections on many major events in Europe, such as International Radio Festival, Exit Festival, Sea Dance Festival UKF takeover, Mucha Lucha, Red Bull Music Academy...

PureSoul has toured extensively through Europe - dropping party breaks in France, Swiss, Sweden, Bulgaria, Romania, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, BIH, Macedonia...

As CEO of the Supreme Factory, Internet Marketing Agency, Petar has been hardest working man in the music business, working closely with many Social Networks, Festivals, Events and Labels: YouTube, Google Plus, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Spotify, Myspace, LastFM, Mobile Roadie, Livestream; EXIT Festival, Share Conference, Warriors Dance Festival, Global Publicity, ADE, Eurosonic Noorderslag, International Radio Festival, Jamie Oliver's The Big Feastival; EXIT Music TV, Bombastic Jam Label, ZOOELECTRIC Label...

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