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Purple Crayon Pictures is a film, commercial, and web media production studio based out of Spokane, WA. Founded by Juan Mas and Adam Boyd in 2009, Purple Crayon Pictures utilizes local talent and creative storytelling to create a unique experience for their audience and clients with each new project.

External Links

  • Transolar Galactica - A Sci-Fi Comedy web series developed by Kinetic Energy Productions, and produced by Purple Crayon Pictures
  • 50 Hour Slam - A time-based community film competition, which Purple Crayon is a partner in
  • Felt High - An adult comedy web series that follows the wacky misadventures of a group of dysfunctional teenage puppets.


  1. Adam Harum
  2. TJ Williams
  3. Joe Lynch/MintFlavored Films
  4. Jared L. Thompson
  5. JP Pettinato
  6. Greg Nicotero
  7. David Lanes
  8. Jonathan Hall
  9. Trey Donner
  10. Robert Foote
  11. Justin Farris
  12. cdavid hall cottrill
  13. Spokane Film Project
  14. Rajah Bose