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Portland, OR

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Dancer, choreographer, founder/director of Performance Works NW.

Linda Austin has been making performance since 1983. Her poetic, unconventionally witty, and rigorously conceived works arise from an ongoing fascination with the body’s awkward, lyrical and often accidental beauty. Austin both delights in and is provoked by how her own dance practices and obsessions can seem to contradict each other. She has been creating and performing for more than 30 years and, since 2000, fostering the creation of her own and many others' work through Performance Works NorthWest, recent awardee of a Robert Rauschenberg Foundation SEED Grant. Linda work has been shared with audiences throughout the years at Danspace Project and PS 122 in New York; at Conduit, Performance Works, Ten Tiny Dances, the TBA Festival, Velocity and On the Boards in the Pacific Northwest; and in places as varied as Mexico City and Chattanooga, Tennessee. Awards include Fellowships in Choreography from the Oregon Arts Commission and the New York Foundation for the Arts, and most recently, an Individual Artists Fellowship from the Regional Arts & Culture Council.

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