Qasim Virjee

Toronto, Canada

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Having grown up between East Africa and Canada, Qasim Virjee (aka Abdul Smooth), brings a refreshing afro-cosmopolitan outlook on life to the mix. His music journalism and performances have crossed international boundaries in person and through – a community web-zine he founded in 2003 to provide platform and forum for the artistic talents of South Asians worldwide.

As an artist, Qasim's endeavors extend beyond music and into a dynamic realm merging photography, videography, graphic design, and digital communities with multi-cultural aural tapestry.

Inspired by the works of people such as Mircea Eliade and Wagner, Abdul Smooth's sound is pan continental but engrossingly subjective; incorporating electronic music with a myriad of the world's sounds – from street noises to tribal chants to religious hymns.

From Qasim: This account not only contains videos mixed under my Abdul Smooth moniker (, but also some used for purposing through my web design agency, Design Guru (

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