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Angwin, CA

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Aspiring filmmaker and writer, Kylee Q Brock's the name, creative magicifying is the game. Bringing worlds into our own, and making the unreal real is what being a visual artist is all about.

I'm about to enter my fourth and final year at Pacific Union College as a Film and TV major. I've worked on plenty of short films, my own or friends/colleagues, interned with Francis Ford Coppola on his newest film "Twixt," recently completed a television pilot, and working towards my senior thesis, a feature-length film. I write comedy, drama, horror, short stories, animations, novels, songs, playwrights; just about anything.

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  • Qnique Productions Facebook - Still in production of fixing up the page, but like it anyways to stay up to date on new films and scripts that are coming out of Qnique Productions.