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A lifelong military historian and budding thespian from a young age, Robert E. Wilhelm is now bringing the past into the future for new generations. A crafted storyteller & produced playwright and author ("All the Iron Men", Wilhelm was a guest expert on Spike TV's "Deadliest Warrior" series. Also a veteran Shakespearian actor, he has melded the two in the upcoming "The Marscher Lords"; an experimental short film which has secured the endorsement of a veteran Executive Producer - Charles E. Santacrose - who's last film "The Angel" ( won numerous awards at film festivals. With "Masters of War: Soldiers of Distinction" Wilhelm seeks to spotlight the "everyman" from various nations around the world that rose to battlefield excellence. Sadly, many of these individuals & their riveting accounts had been hitherto lost to history. Under the umbrella of "Masters of War: Soldiers of Distinction" series are unique features film projects that will delve deeper into these individuals & subjects on a grander scale. Thank you for watching.

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