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Questar III provides more than 250 instructional and support services to 23 school districts in Rensselaer, Columbia and Greene counties of New York State. Questar III also provides additional services to more than 600 school districts and all 37 BOCES in New York State.

Through Questar III, school districts can offer programs and services more economically, efficiently and equitably by sharing their costs. These programs and services are offered in the following areas: Career and Technical Education, Special Education, General Education and District Support Services.

For the nearly 40,000 elementary and secondary students in the three-county area, Questar III means choices and opportunities in education. Whether they are interested in exploring career and technical opportunities, seeking alternatives to the traditional classroom setting, or in need of support of physical or emotional disabilities, Questar III offers programs and services designed to help all students succeed. Adult students can earn their high school diploma through one of many programs tailored to meet their educational and personal needs. Career and job skills training programs are also available in fields such as licensed practical nursing, mechanical technology, and security and law enforcement.

For school districts, Questar III support services like state aid planning, staff development, health and safety and communications provide the expertise of professionals in the field, as well as valuable connections to resources around the state.

For parents, there is understanding and support from teachers, therapists and other specialists whose goal is to help students, from preschoolers to high school seniors, reach their potential and prepare for challenges in their lives.

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