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Welcome to Queuepolitely, we are an independent documentary production company, we specialize in the production of short non-fiction entertainment and investigative and social justice documentaries. Our documentaries investigate the underbelly of contemporary society. We provide a viewpoint free from vested interests.

We draw on the work of academics, activists, journalists and whistleblowers. We hope that the documentary film medium will allow their stories to reach a wider audience and contribute to a deeper understanding.

We are not afraid to draw conclusions the powerful don’t like, nor do the films shirk away from provocation and confrontation. It is unlikely you will come across our films on mainstream channels. To counter this deficiency we are making all films available online for free. You are welcome to host screenings.

Queuepolitely produces independent content. We do not compromise the message. Therefore, we do not accept funding from sources that wish to dictate the direction, content and narrative of the films they invest in.

We welcome offers of help on a non-partisan basis, we are especially interested in help with the dissemination and translation of films, if you have the time, inclination and expertise, please contact us at info@queuepolitely.com.

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