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Located in Lexington, Kentucky, Quick Hill Films LLC was formed in 2003 for the sole purpose of producing all types of narrative, documentary and film/video work. Wedding films are also amongst our specialities as you can see. Book us today!


  1. Variables Of Light
  2. Trilobot
  3. Daniel Principe
  5. John Carrington
  6. Nicholas Matthews
  7. Ergin Ozturk

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  1. Dane Sears commented on 16mm Film
    Lookin' damn good! What camera did you use?
  2. Curious about the music, was that inspired by the Wonder Years 8mm flashbacks?
  3. I owned one for a short while and and sold it because I never really saw the 12 stops like they advertised. Blowing the skies out and turning shadows pitch black was the deal breaker for me. Love the footage on cloudy days though!