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Quick Off The Mark Productions is an independent television production company operating in the Glasgow area and beyond. While working to high standards, it offers very attractive rates to companies seeking to advertise their business.

Since its creation, Quick Off The Mark Productions has been involved mainly in the field of corporate advertising. The company has worked in close collaboration with a London-based organisation for various online business directories. During 2010, the company also produced two independent pilot episodes for television with the projects later being pitched to Channel 4 in the UK and Ireland's RTE network.

Quick Off The Mark Productions then started working on its first feature film, In Search Of La Che. Filming took place over a period of nine months in locations across central Scotland. The premiere of the film was held at Glasgow Film Theatre in November 2011. That year, the company was approached by Duncan Airlie James (six-time world Thai kickboxing champion) to film and produce DVDs of kickboxing events hosted by his company Global Kombat Entertainment.

In 2012, Quick Off The Mark Productions expanded into new areas of filmmaking, including wedding videos and actors' showreels. It also formed new partnerships with Weddings Live and Life's Rosie Productions, resulting in a number of successful collaboration projects.

2013 saw the company’s short puppet film, ‘the Greyness of Autumn’ appear in many varied film festivals. It played to an international audience in the USA & Ireland and in April it was awarded the ‘Best British Film of the month’ by the British Fillmakers Alliance in London.
2014 will see the release of the company’s latest short film ‘Agley’ whilst ‘In Search of La Che’ returns to the festival circuit at the American Online Film Awards.

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