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  1. 03:19:08

    Professional Dance Work

    by QuinnCJaxon

    62 Videos

    These are videos of professional dance class training, performances and competitions.

  2. 01:02:15

    Music Videos

    by QuinnCJaxon

    17 Videos

    These are music videos that I have been in.

  3. 23:48

    Go Go Dancing Videos

    by QuinnCJaxon

    14 Videos

    These are videos others have shot of me dancing at different venues.

  4. 10:29

    From Frontiers Magazine

    by QuinnCJaxon

    3 Videos

    These are videos shot by Frontiers Magazine for different events that I have been involved in.

  5. 22:33

    Fan Created Videos

    by QuinnCJaxon

    6 Videos

    These are videos that fans have made of me.

  6. 14:55

    Video From Movies & TV Shows I Am In

    by QuinnCJaxon

    11 Videos

    These are video trailers, promos or behind-the-scenes peeks from films that I have been in.

  7. 02:17:06

    Andrew Christian Ads I'm In

    by QuinnCJaxon

    38 Videos

    These are Andrew Christian commercials that I have appeared in!!!

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