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Born in Montevideo, Uruguay Quique Kierszenbaum is an Independent photojournalist based in Jerusalem covering the ongoing conflict between Palestinians and Israelis. He specializes in documentary, travel, and portrait photography, in the M. East and S. America.He also has worked on assignments in Jordan, Egypt, Northern Ireland, Argentina, Uruguay, Patagonia, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan.

His work has been published in several publications which includes: Time Magazine, Newsweek Magazine, Paris Match, Chicago Tribune, Financial Times, Financial Times Magazine, The Daily Telegraph, Telegraph Magazine, The Independent, The Independent Magazine, Die Weltwoche, Das Magazine, El Pais Magazine, El Mundo,D Reppublica delle Donne,among others. Today he also works as the Middle East correspondent for TNU Noticias, Uruguayan National Channel.

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