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Quiyk is an athletic apparel company founded and operated by Eric Wahl and Matt Lowe, two students at Emerson College in Boston.

Quiyk’s mission is to inspire all athletes to reach their potential through thoughtfully and passionately constructed performance wear.

Quiyk specializes in quidditch apparel and is the current provider of athletic apparel for the International Quidditch Association, the governing body for the sport. In November 2011, Quiyk launched at the Fifth Annual Quidditch World Cup in New York City. The company debuted their snitch uniform, the first product developed specifically for the sport.
The idea for quiyk originated in Matt’s backyard in summer 2010. Matt and Eric were reminiscing about their recently completed freshman year when the topic of quidditch came up. Quidditch players and avid athletes themselves, they were intrigued by the immense popularity and progress the game had experienced since its inception. They began to look to the future, wanting to become a part of this growing athletic phenomenon by helping legitimize and standardize the sport through their products.
By the end of 2011, Quiyk is the only athletic apparel company producing performance wear specifically designed for quidditch. Our vision is to foster the development of alternative sports through standardization, high quality performance wear, and a personable connection to the athletic community.

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