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Qu Junktions was established in 2004 as a partnership between two Bristol-based creative producers and sound artists, Mark Slater and Chris Williams. Both have programmed, at different times, the artist run hub - The Cube Cinema in Bristol and co-organised the Venn festival.

Qu Junktions attempts to be an inventive music outfit that works on projects that stir the emotions and imagination. Qu represents and work with a widescreen selection of acts but focuses on musicians that do not conveniently fall into a recognised music pathway and require a more bespoke treatment.

Qu have organised shows and tours for artists such as the Sublime Frequencies tour featuring Omar Suleyman and Group Doueh, Flower-Corsano Duo, Janek Schaefer, Infinite Livez, Jandek, Anni Rossi, A Hawk and A Hacksaw with the Hun Hangar Ensemble, Konono No.1, Efterklang, Zun Zun Egui, Phil Minton, Jack Rose, Merzbow, Murcof with BCN216 and Flicker, Tight Meat with Sonny Simmons, Vladislav Delay, Vialka, DJ/Rupture and Andy Moor, Lawrence English, People Like Us, Sunn 0))) and Chris Watson to name but a few.

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