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  1. 01:05:45

    Oral History Project

    by rachel joy barehl

    8 Videos

    We believe that voices and stories matter.

  2. 06:29:58


    by rachel joy barehl

    38 Videos

    My favorite way to share photos. After a wedding, we invite our couples to come over and relive the day in our studio space. We share the slideshow and talk about life and usually drink some wine…

  3. 03:04:40

    Various other projects

    by rachel joy barehl

    35 Videos

    Sometimes someone will contact me inquiring about how to best preserve a family tradition or tell the story of a really cool organization changing the world one birth at a time. This is a place where…

  4. 38:07

    wedding teasers!

    by rachel joy barehl

    20 Videos

    If you're just looking for a glimpse, this is a good place to start, you can always flip through and find the full length that goes with it too.

  5. 16:16:46

    wedding features!

    by rachel joy barehl

    50 Videos

    Wedding features, living photography.

  6. 38:54

    iuka sessions

    by rachel joy barehl

    10 Videos

    live music played at the iuka house.

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