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London - UK

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Rachel Gadsden is an exciting and unique artist with 25 years experience of creating dynamic work as both solo artist, and collaborator as well as leading a range of national and international participative programs. At the core of her practice are concerns as to how humankind comes to terms with mortality: by unearthing the unseen, making the invisible visible. Ultimately Gadsden’s work is underpinned by themes of fragility and resilience, a shared and positive sense of survival in the face of chronic health conditions, and the politics and mythologies surrounding disability.
Gadsden is a multi-award winning artist who has a BA and MA Fine Art; she is artist for Wheelpower UK, Stoke Mandeville, and she is currently undertaking a commission for the Speakers Art Fund, Houses of Parliament. Gadsden was awarded the National Diversity Award 2013 - Positive role model for Disability.

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