Rachel Marsden 马十灯

UK and Shanghai, China

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AKA #Wordgirl

Transcultural curator, art consultant, PhD researcher, lecturer, arts writer and avid blogger in the field of translating Chinese and Asian contemporary arts and culture. Also, a language obsessed text and book artist, and bookbinder. Since 2010 living between UK and Shanghai (China).

Founder and curator of ‘The Temporary’, a new transcultural exchange platform examining “temporary” and ephemeral experience in art, architecture, design, music, sound, performance and culture between the UK and China. Coordinator (Research Assistant) for the Centre for Chinese Visual Arts (CCVA) (Birmingham (UK) and China).

"Connecting the dots that people can’t see” through developing professional and social transcultural relationships, networks and understanding between diverse creatives and cultures, specifically China and the UK.

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