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R&A Collaborations is the combined talents of photographer Richard Foot and digital media artist Arron Fowler. The collaboration was born out of an open submission for the Craft Council Uk's 'Power of Making' Exhibition. With their new found love of all things crafty, they soon realised that there were some fascinating stories to tell from makers about what drives them to do what they do.

Having had two films selected to be shown at the 'Power of Making' exhibition at the V&A Museum in London they embarked in a mad project 5 x 5 / 7 in which they made 5 films of 5 people in 7 days. It was used as a proof of concept of their capabilities and process.

R&A's ethos is to promote makers by engaging public interest in the person behind the products. The films aim to capture the subjects personality and get across the reasons why they do what they do. R&A have realised that makers products really do speak for themselves, but they only say so much. By revealing the person behind the product a customer can get a deeper insight into the journey of their new object of desire.

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