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Radar connects professional music video directors to record labels and independent artists worldwide.

Our clients include majors Sony, Mercury, Island; independent labels Infectious Records, Strictly Rhythm, Hospital Records, Cooking Vinyl, PIAS, Wichita Records, Riverman Management, Barsuk etc. Radar-commissioned videos have premiered on major blogs like Stereogum and The Fader and regularly feature in creative industry sites

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  1. ADCAN
  2. Alexander Haines
  3. Stephanie Wilson
  4. Lift-Off Film Festivals
  5. Calum Macdiarmid
  6. Bouha Kazmi
  7. Nathan Johnson
  8. Jennifer Borcea
  9. J. Alwin de Graaf
  10. Vo.
  11. Paul SG Boyd
  12. Southern Fried Records
  13. NOOK Films&Music
  14. Spectrum Video & Film
  15. Forever Pictures
  16. The Mill
  17. Joker's Pack Productions
  18. Sea Chant

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