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WE LOVE MUSIC! Tell a friend..Radio 360 by DJ Darkhorse.Our aim is to expose you all, to deep beautifully strange music that will help you in the every day, as you view the world around playing like a silent color film, R360 soundtrack in your ears.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: DJ’s are merely musical filters. The internet is bringing to the ears of the masses music they would normally never come in contact with. Now with the beauty of new technology you have the ability to bypass the old order of media control to find new sounds. We search the world looking for music that we feel fits the 360 music filter we have put on this show. So we hope Radio Three Sixty opens your ears up to new artists that you are happy to have found, the way it has for us. Lastly you will see in the shows track-listing that our ears are open to any style or genre of music that fits our sound, so much so we would need a lot of space to list them all.

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