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I'm using these tools: micropiano Korg, Manetron (iPad app), iTampura (iPad app), Eko 11 (...) string acoustic guitar, electric violin (chinese), Orla analogic expander, Hohner wooden tenor recorder, Roland controller keyboard, a little (but just a little ..) detuned piano , Squier 3/4 electric guitar, melodica, Bubble Harp (iPad app), Eko (simil Ovation ..) acoustic guitar, Boss loop station , Behringher multi-fx, Olympus portable digital recorder, Phonic 10 inputs mixer, Audacity, Paulstretch, various players .. (that's all, folks, I think ..)

latest releases…le-big-sunset/…lden-october…october/13697411/:…ngle/id576424766
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i started to play music when i was a child, when i was 8 - i played drums, guitar and bass guitar in some "beat" groups (all my life was and is dedicated in making groups, as a musician or as a teacher...) - we played Rolling Stones, Beatles, Them, Yardbirds, Animals, Who - but i also listened to classical music - my mother played accordion and piano, and she was (still is) very fond of Chopin, my uncle played trombone - my father was (and still is) very fond of Beethoven and symphonic music - my brother was the pop one and he gave me music by Donovan, Vanilla Fudge, Steppenwolf, Electric Prunes - so i grew up (and still i am) between classical and pop music - when i was a teen i began to listen to prog rock, to art rock, to psycheledic rock, to kraut rock, to jazz rock, and started to study oboe in the local Conservatory - at the same time i started to play so many instruments (violin, cello, mandolin, recorders, flute, keyboards, ethnic devices) and formed two groups - both were acoustic - the first one was "à la" Incredible String Band - we were four (like them) - 2 boys, two girls (like them) - i composed the songs and the lyrics too - the second one "à la" Third Ear Band - we were three - i composed the songs - went on playing for a couple of years, and we made some college concerts - then we started to play electric, "à la" Amon Duul or Grateful Dead, it was a sort of raga-rock and we became six - i was still the main composer - after five years i stopped playing oboe in Conservatory and went to University, Musicology - started to study classical composers, from Mahler to modern ones, and minimalism and contemporary classical - started to make electroacoustic experiments with tapes and electronics too - and began to work as a music teacher in the secondary school - this was a very difficult moment - wanted to go further with playing and composing but wasn't able to find the right path - i even joined two renaissance music groups in which i played recorders and sang (...) - a very troubled period - but in 1986, when i i was thirty, the music i'm still playing and composing came to me - 't was a revelation, a mystic moment (some of this moment is in the iki) - 'm still in that mood and i'm 57 - called a friend, she played piano and sang, started to make some arrangements of that music - and then we were four, a sax-flute player and a singer added - we made some concerts in Italy - in 1989 i sent a song to a contest for Radio3 (the classical broadcast in Italy) and won - a musical magazine contacted me for a promotional release - and that was my first issue, it was 1991 and i was 35 - we became six, an harpist replaced the pianist, a percussionist and a bassoon player added - the same magazine promote me to a label and in 1992 i released my first cd for a swiss independent label - this issue gained me some good concerts, i even opened some Michael Nyman ones here in Italy - The Piano... 2/3 thousand peoples.... (brrrr) - in 1994 i founded a musical association, "Musiche Virtuali" - in 1995 the group collapsed (or was I?) and i began to play and to compose as a single, as a free-lance composer - my way of composing became more conceptual (i graduated in Philosophy too) focusing on multimedia projects - since 1995 i released some cd's for a couple of independent italian labels and made concerts - in 2004 formed a new group, called it O.E.S. (Orchestra Eclettica e Sincretista) - it is a very variable organic and now it is becoming an internet ensemble - in 2005 the net label webbed hand records began to release some works of mine - pathmusick, useirecords, niwosound, tht disques, somehow recordings, adx records, auraltone records, godhatesgodrecords, manyfeetunder and dataobscura added.

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