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Rae Francis is a womens contemporary sportswear collection, founded by friends Ariel Lilly and Christina Coniglio.

They met at The Savannah College of Art and Design while studying fashion design. After graduating they went their separate ways and moved to New York City to gain experience in the fashion industry. Christina and Ariel dabbled in the worlds of public relations, sales, production and high end womens wear design. After spending years gaining experience in all aspects of the industry they were finally ready to embark on their next adventure, to join together and create a collection. Rae Francis truly embodies the essence of teamwork. The Rae Francis collection is a mix of both of them, when uptown meets downtown, the best of both worlds.

Being raised in completely different areas, Ariel a northern girl from Boston, MA and Christina a southerner from Palm Beach, FL, they have different aesthetics that blend together in a perfectly blissful way. With a knack for silks and mixing textiles, they provide women with what they have always desired, the effortless look of style with a sophisticated edge. The Rae Francis collection is meant for the modern woman who still appreciates the basics, although she is anything but basic. It is designed to be mixed and matched in fabrics that not only look great but feels luxurious to the touch.

Rae Francis is designed and produced in New York City.

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