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Hi There! I 'm so happy that you stopped by to visit!

My name is Rae, and I am just a regular stay at home mom.

Most days I like to put on my apron and hop on a stool in the studio. I proclaim to be a self taught mixed media artist... one who loves to create, blog, write, take lots of photographs and even teach a little bit- in my own quirky way.

I have a passion for re-purposing found items and turning them into something beautiful. It makes me happy to grab an armload of brightly colored paints, some art journal papers or fabric and start creating. I like to incorporate a bit of what surrounds me in my work, whether it be sketching something I found in nature or a dyeing a new favorite textile.

My mission- to integrate up-cycled tidbits of everyday life into my art, has inspired me to approach creating in a whole new light. I no longer toss things aside, but instead reexamine them for artful purposes. I am happiest in my home based studio where I can balance family, faith and creating.

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