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  1. 15:20:28

    Interviews & conversations

    by paul jackson

    38 Videos

    People I've had the pleasure of interviewing.

  2. 16:33:12

    Seattle Events

    by paul jackson

    44 Videos

    I have been fortunate enough to capture a number of events. If you would like a full copy, simply email me.

  3. 28:01


    by paul jackson

    7 Videos

    Multimedia Resource and Training Institute is a non-profit community studio headed by Ethiopian immigrant Assaye Abunie. I have used their studio to record my interviews and have given classes there…

  4. 02:10:29

    Black Heritage Society

    by paul jackson

    8 Videos

    Impressions of Washington State High School 1950's graduates of African Heritage

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  6. 16:48:47

    Seattle African American Leadership Forum

    by paul jackson

    12 Videos

    Meetings to bring organizations working on African American issues together to develop a strategy.

  7. 02:23:34


    by paul jackson

    7 Videos

    Free workshop put on to encourage students about S. T. E. M.

  8. 25:42:49

    The Breakfast Group

    by paul jackson

    36 Videos

    I produce the podcast for the group & use this to get full screen.

  9. 28:27

    David Linear

    by paul jackson

    2 Videos

    David Linear

  10. 01:36:00

    Mertiss Thompson

    by paul jackson

    6 Videos

    A collection of videos with and about Mertis

  11. 34:21

    Mercedes Nicole Roberson

    by paul jackson

    5 Videos

    Mercedes Nicole Roberson is an award winnindg solo artist in Seattle that has a number of albums.

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