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I´m Rafael Falconi, and I was born in Petrópolis, RJ, Brazil, on 1985.

I am a graphic designer undergraduated by UFRJ (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and I have been working mainly as a Matte Painter for the Visual Effects Department at Globo Television, in Rio, since 2009.

I believe that every experience is valuable and we should consider other cultures and thoughts with open mind. Our life challenge us artists to fight against ourselves all the time.

My goal as an artist is to help society, using art as a way of exposing truth. Even if its a fantasy matte painting, or an invisible camera tracking, a concept art or a photography, the idea of making art is to admire nature and it´s beauties. By doing so, we can learn to respect each other, and prevent further human big mistakes of cheating on himself, and mistreating nature.

A realistic painting can put people into a reality and we can change the way the viewer think about the world, about himself. That´s why I´m sure we, as artists, are even more responsible to our corners, no matter where we are at the globe.

I am inspired by tons of different kinds of people, from different times. I hope I can inspire others as well to push themselves hard enough to crush the "comfort zone" we all live in, so we can be in a better place.

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