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I was born in Seville (Spain). Growing up I was into films, cartoon, drawing, basketball, and, most of all, dinosaurs. I made several shorts with ideas I had, using my family as my crew.

In 2005, I studied the Audiovisual Comunication Degree, combining it with an Associate Degree in Mass Media Production since 2007, working during day and night. In 2010 I graduated from both of them, and got a Talent Scholarship to study 2D Animation in the Vancouver Film School, in Vancouver (Canada). I graduated on April 2012, getting a School Scholarship.

My passion is acting, and specifically acting in animation. I love to tell stories through the development of characters, and make people feel empathy for them.

Thanks for visiting. If you have any issue, don't hesitate to contact me at rafael.vera.jimenez@gmail.com, or visiting rafaelvera.com

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