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Rafi Nizam (rafianimates) is an award-winning independent Animator, Director, Story Artist and Character Designer from London. His work has won awards at British and International festivals, notably music videos for osymyso's "Follow The Legs" and "Faulty Choirs" - both designed, directed and animated by Rafi. Several of Rafi's character designs have also received recognition at the Digital Artist Awards.

Alongside his independent work, Rafi has over ten years’ experience as a multi-disciplined Creative in Broadcast, Advertising, Marketing and PR environments across on-air, off-air, print and digital. He has helped shape several global rebrands and campaigns, notably for Universal Channel, Syfy, 13th Street, Sony Pictures, Cartoon Network, Dove, Guinness, HSBC, 3 Mobile and Disney Channel.

Rafi is currently Global Creative Director at NBCUniversal International Television.

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