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Rafiqi is an ever growing group like a new born baby, with an avant-garde instrumentation coupled with straight talk afro-centric lyrics. It all started at the start of this millennium under the hot sun of the Kalahari where Kenyan-born Ezeek (Kariuki wa Ngotho) & Jothee (Kiiru wa Ngotho) found Namibia as their new residential area and soon met up with Makhosa Man also widely known as Boli (Richard Mootseng), a veteran in the local media and performing arts industry.

Dubbed "Rafiqimusic", their music is a fusion of folklore, Afro-pop, Soul and Hip Hop, bringing a unique sound to its audience. Rafiqi produces potent lyrics riddled with phraseology, which Ezeek, Jothee and Makhosa Man have embraced throughout their journeys to various corners of the world.

Rafiqi are privileged with the opportunity of working with an array of like-talented artists and producers across the savannah and globe, constantly re-birth their repertoire in Rafiqimusic that grasps people of all ages and walks of life.

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