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Rai Knight is a Detroit based artist. Self trained, she began writing music at age 17, determined to show the world her unique Pop style. Like everything that grows, her roots began in a much more organic place. She started simple, with an acoustic guitar, witty lyrics, and infectious hooks. Rai's musical life, travels, and experiences would alter her direction many times. From her humble Acoustic beginnings in Detroit, to Indie Rock in Seattle, Urban Glam in L.A., and Techno in Scotland, Rai returned home, some 8 years later with a very well rounded musical portfolio... but not round enough; Rai was signed to a small, Michigan based, Hip Hop label (Frontstreet Records) in 2010.
Over the years, Rai has been introduced to an army of producers, managers, engineers, label presidents, A&R reps, and fellow musicians, all who taught her (a lot of times through mistakes and mishaps) what the business of music is about on both sides of the coin. Yet, it is her undying faith in her dreams and her willingness to take a blind leap that keeps her on the forefront of her craft. Cultural techniques and sounds forever build the foundation of her own productions, and her endless lyrics reflect a life better suited for story books.... or psychiatric ones. Rai has been compared to M.I.A, Robyn, Gwen Stefani, and Nelly Furtado. Combine them all and you might be close to the Pop sensation that is, oh so Rai Knight.

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