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Got creative project - Hire me

Working "Native" with applications:
DaVinci Resolve
Apple Final Cut Pro, Colour, Motion, DVD Studio Pro - Advanced (scripting) (own license)
Apple Shake (own license)
Cinema 4D (own license)
Monet, Mokey, Motor (own license)
Adobe Familly All products (company / own license)

Working with sound:
Cubase, Nuendo, Reason, Live, Wavelab, SoundTrackPro, ProTools etc...
No problem with Logic Studio

Other software not listed below: Not a problem. Give 10 minits and will be here too.

Computer knowledge - from perforated computer systems (far far away from atari) :-)

Director / Editor / Videographer / Composer

Portfolio: Over 3000 works:
Cinema Trailers for TV, TV idents, music videos, commercials, corporate movies, TV self promo.

DVD Release: Over 100 Uniq design, with extra scripting, concerts, corporate movies, special use DVD
10 Interactive 360 Virtual Tours

Hobby: Trailers, Commercials, Scuba Diving, Keyboards, ST / LA Dancer (Open hobby class)

FAVORITE MOVIE: AVATAR. Big respect to the Cameron team.

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