Raine Wilder

Toledo, Ohio

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Raine Wilder is one up-and-comer with his eyes squarely on the charts. The Toledo native is a Hip Hop artist with a Punk Rock edge, and has been writing songs for 15 years plus. Raine will slide seamlessly into today’s Hip-Hop /Pop radio landscape when Wilder takes his game to the next level, as he seems determined to do. His rhymes reveal a man who is ready to claim success.

With his love for every style of music, you can HEAR his versatility. With his love for art, you can SEE his creativity. And, with his drive for success, you can FEEL his hunger. He has been through all kinds of ups and downs. Lived every type of lifestyle and escaped every bad situation he’s been put in. He has overcome many obstacles and achieved a lot with what little he had to work with. He has gained fans, literally saved lives through his lyrics, and has always honored the true art form of music. Nothing will stop him and his motivation. Nothing will get him down. And nothing will break him. He has the uniqueness of the greats, and the mind set of a champion. If he falls, he get right back up and doesn’t waste the time to brush the dirt off.

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