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Brooklyn, CA

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As an African/European-American woman, raised in a multicultural environment, I’ve always felt I lived in a liminal space between my two cultures, between folkloric and contemporary dance, between Ballet class and the night club. Dancing in Indonesia, Brazil, Cuba, and Senegal has further cultivated this fascination with what can bloom between the notions of self and other. I reject the idea that thoughtful, abstract choreography can’t also be exciting and beautiful. My dances embrace sincere communication that is soulful and provocative.
As an educator, performer, and choreographer, I aim to manifest personal reflection and progressive social action in myself, my dancers, and our audience community. I see dance as a tool to unearth our raw emotions, motivate conscious action, and bridge cultures. I use text, athletic movement, and poignant gestures to crack open the heart of the work and hear the voices of those disenfranchised by gender, sexual orientation, culture, or ideology. My work is characterized by the notion that we gain incredible strength in being vulnerable enough to honestly express intentions, ideas, and feelings. From this place, I investigate unembellished movement alongside refined artistry.

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