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For the last decade, Rajah has been making indie films in New England serving as a Cinematographer in 4 features and over 25 shorts. In 2013, he won Best Cinematographer at the 'We Like 'em Short Film Fest' for his work on “Silent Wave” and he was nominated in the Best Cinematography category by Motif Magazine for his work on, “His Take on Her”. He graduated from Mass Art in 2007 where he began refining his cinematic style and ever since he has been praised for having "the eye", being very creative, and resourceful. With an award winning directing background, he specializes in narrative cinematography for low budget films in the action, scifi, drama, horror, and comedy genres. His last directorial effort in 2011 for "Worm Free Society" picked up the Best Scifi at the RI Int'l Film Festival, and nabbed the Precious Award at the the Maverick Movie Awards.

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