Ruston Anne

Denver, Colorado

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Ruston Anne emerged into the world of fine art photography during the summer of 2011. It was five years earlier that she received her first camera as a gift. Capturing images of nature while on excursions in the wilderness became a hobby that grew into a passion, and in 2008 she invested in professional camera equipment.

Inspired by those who have mastered the art of landscape photography, Ruston Anne developed her own style, and now holds a modest, but impressive collection that she calls Lucid Landscape. Her work was first released to the public in the prestigious Denver Photo Art Gallery, located in her home town. Ruston Anne received her first two photography awards in 2012, and the honors went to her pieces titled “Whisper” and “Penitent Path.”

Becoming an accomplished landscape photographer, supporting successful galleries of her own is a high-set goal she hopes someday to achieve. Thank you to all of her supporters, especially the ones that inspired her to live the dream, and may her collection of work reflect the power of our magnificent creator.

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