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Michael Jennings-Offen 
Owner/Founder RampantOctopus Multimedia

Born in Washington DC, Michael has been producing and editing video professionally since 1999; though it may be noted, his video career started much earlier than that with the help of an 8mm video camera, a couple of VCRs, and some friends. Thankfully, most of those tapes are now lost. From producing mainstream media documentaries and music videos and corporate communications ranging from trainings to viral video, Jennings-Offen has applied uncommon skill to uncommon opportunity. Education: With a well rounded education and degrees in English & World Literature and Media Studies from Pitzer College and additional film studies at FAMU (The Czech Academy of Performing Arts) Jennings-Offen brings expertise paired with experience to all facets of pre-production, writing, acquisition, and post. Experience: From directing a documentary in a foreign land to producing shows at sea, Jennings-Offen has done it all. From casts of one to groups of 1,000; Jennings-Offen has produced, directed, shot, and edited in a wide array on environments, bested unusual challenges, and has loved every minute of it.

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