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  1. 44:46

    SocialScope: A Gay in the Life

    by SocialScope Productions

    5 Videos

    This collection of documentary shorts share unique perspectives on the diversity of LGBTQ communities from focus-group interviews with everyday queer folks we meet while traveling the country. Our…

  2. 11:18

    50Faggots: Quickies

    by SocialScope Productions

    8 Videos

    These short shout-out videos feature our Season 1 cast members with well-known LGBT/queer celebrities are straight-allies. For the full fun, check out

  3. 31:43

    50Faggots: 30 Days of Faggotry

    by SocialScope Productions

    15 Videos

    As a token of our appreciation, we'd like to give our fans a little something in return for donating to our indiegogo campaign ( Every day, until December 20, we'll…

  4. 01:30:34

    "REAL TALK: Kansas City LGBTQ Conversations for Change" Town Hall Campaign Videos

    by SocialScope Productions

    13 Videos

    Kansas City Anti-Violence Project (KCAVP) and the Law Enforcement and LGBTQ Advocacy Coalition (LELAC) will be hosting “REAL TALK: Kansas City LGBTQ Conversations for Change,” a series…

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  6. 19:41

    Kansas City Performers

    by SocialScope Productions

    5 Videos

    A sample selection of KC nightlife performers in our LGBTQ communities.

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