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  1. 20:04

    Audio Art - Total Recall (1990)

    by Juuso Hepoharju

    5 Videos

    Audioart for the movie Total Recall from 1990.

  2. 00:00

    Audio Art - Pitch Black (2000)

    by Juuso Hepoharju

    5 Videos

    This is the audio-art for the Movie Pitch Black (2000) Note, I have removed audio because of the copyright!

  3. 06:26

    Todays Foodstore pickup videos

    by Juuso Hepoharju

    9 Videos

    Here what I pick up from the foodstore

  4. 18:42

    Audio Art - Private Audio Tapes and recording from tape

    by Juuso Hepoharju

    3 Videos

    This is the audio show from my tapes and reel to reels, I made this as an art, audio is removed!

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