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Hello Vimeo's,
I'M Randy from the DFW, Tx area. Seems like a long ways from growing up around the Mississippi Delta, bout 60 miles or so from Memphis, Tenn.. I used to love going back home to visiting everyone and one of my first stops was at Wal-Mart...seems like everyone in town was there. Remember that song, little pink houses for you and me, my wife and I used to sing this song as we were walking into a pink cinder block house 30 years ago. I wish everyone could experience growing up in a friendly small town, when the only real trouble most of us got into was smoking to much wacky weed or drinking to much beer or Tickle Pink Boone's Farm for the girls...LOL. Boy that's a flashback...now a days there are so many manufactured junk drugs out there destroying our kids lives...its not fun anymore! Its googles fault...lol, anything you want to know about making something to get you high, you can just ask google! I think we need to sensor making bombs ( leave that sh**t for the military for Gods sake), making anykind of chemical drug that I don't know, makes you dependent for life or kills you and destroys a million other peoples lives! Just make it so if you type in any drug/bomb related words and your under 25, their computor gets a virus and we track them like child porn freaks. Might be a little extreme, don't get me started on things gone wrong!
Anyway, my wife and I love to go to Las Vegas or any Casino for that matter, thats me acting like that big red machine is mine in my profile pic. We were at Hooter;s Casino in Vegas...we have been helping build Vegas for about 20 years now, everytime we go they need more money. We have a wonderful time, but if you stay to long, you are going to pay for that extra stay!
Vimeo looks cool, kinda like a small town compared to the youtube world, and I like small towns. I joined because John Marr has the iLA (inspired living application) videos here and liked Vimeo's website presentation. So friend me if you will and I will do the same.

I will maybe add more later.
chat soon

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