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Current: Vice President Business Development/Director of Machine Control Carlson Software, Inc.

-28 years sales and marketing experience in civil/survey and construction (positioning & machine control) technology including GNSS, robotic total stations and all related application software.
-Editor & co-founder - Machine Control Magazine / MachineControlOnline.com

At approximately 12% market adoption, 3D machine control and positioning offer incredible opportunity changing how the world moves the earth. My energy and passion for communicating this technology is infinite.

Sales & Marketing, training, speaking, negotiating, product development, videography. Evangelical passion for promoting machine control and positioning technology as well as working with video and stills for storytelling.

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  1. Great to hear, thanks Randy! I am torn between this Porta Brace and the Camrade Cinema, which is just a tiny bit smaller though cheaper. But maybe that one inch matters this time :)
  2. Thanks for that Randy! Are you still happy with the case, 6 months later? Would it fit with the arm to the front and a second vocals grip on the left?