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Ran Slavin creates video installation, narrative and non narrative films, live video-sound improvised performances, experimental electronic music. He writes for the screen and also works in various theatre and dance contexts.

His work has been showing in various contexts among them Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition (2014), Kunsthalle/Hannover (2013), Mediations Biennale/Poland (2012), Manifesta Satellite events/Belgium (2012), Museum on the Seam/Jerusalem (2012), Maerzmusik/Berlin (2011), Videoformes/France (2010), Petah Tikva Art Museum/Israel (2009), Tel Aviv Art Museum(2009), Netwerk Centre for Contemporary Art/Belgium (2008), Torino film festival/Italy (2007), Ars Electronica/Linz (mention of honor) (2007), Liverpool Biennial (2006), Rencontres Internationales-Madrid-Berlin-Paris (2006-2012), Venice Architecture Biennial (2004), Transmediale/Berlin (2003). Music and recordings are released on explorative labels Crónica (Portugal), False Ind (Tel Aviv), Mille Plateaux (Frankfurt-Berlin), Sub Rosa (Belgium).

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